High heels stepping on a chastity cage
Kneel and read

How does this work?


What are you getting into

By purchasing one of the services on this site, you will serve a period of time during which you will be in strict chastity. This means no “comfort unlock” or anything to ease the pain, you are truly and fully locked for a period of time depending of the service you selected.

Services are contracted for a approximate period of time, but unless a specific exception has been granted by me, you will never know the exact date of your unlock. That date is only chosen by Me, depending on your performance during your time or just my mood of the moment.

It all starts with trust

BDSM cannot exist without trust. This bond between the slave and the Mistress is for me sacred, and online services are all-too poisonned by scammers and con artists. It is therefore vital for me to make sure that you are comfortable, and this translates in very concrete ways:

  • I start every service with a live videochat. During that time (approx 5mn), you will have the privilege to see your Mistress, and to explain to me what you are into, what scares you and what makes you tick. I am making a point to deliver as personalized a service as I can. At the end of this videochat, you will be locked.
  • During all our interactions, which will include this videochat and possible photo-proofs, you will NEVER have to show your face. You can wear a mask, avoid the face altogether, or appear maskless. This is your choice (and one of the very few you will have 🙂 ), depending on your level of comfort over the Internet.
  • If the “Earn your release” services, you will have to perform tasks for me. Those tasks may impede on your personal life by the time they take, and they might have to been performed outside of your home. But never ever will they lead to anyone else discovering your little secret, nor they will hurt your social reputation in any way. What we are doing is staying exclusively between us.
  • I also need to trust you. I know very well how much you horny little sluts will want to unlock yourself, and the tentation that could arise when you have the key at your disposal. That is why I have designed a very special locking mechanism that will assure me that you will not be able to unlock yourself without my approval; while keeping you perfectly safe with the possibility of an emergency release. More on that below.

Getting locked


The choice of the chastity cage is of upmost importance; you need a cage that fits you well. Remember that you will not be allowed to remove it for an extensive period of time, and you can believe me when I say that all your begging won’t help, it will just makes me a bit hornier:)
So, the choice of the cage is left entirely to you. Chances are you already own one anyhow.

However, you don’t get to chose the lock.

In order to bring me the certainty that you will not unlock yourself without my say-so, you will need to lock your cage in a way that you cannot unlock yourself. I propose two options below, but of course if you have a different way to achieve it we can use it as well:

Numbered plastic locks (preferred option)

Simple and safe, these little plastic locks can’t be opened once closed without being destroyed; and have a unique number, which I will note when locking you. A single look on your plastic tag will assure me that you didn’t open it, like the good boy you are.

They can be found easily on internet, here are two examples:

Resettable combination lock

Easier to buy (they can be found at any hardware store), those locks are also much heavier and could even be quite visible under your pants.
If you chose to use them though, we will use our videochat time to set a random combination that I will see but you won’t, leaving you at the mercy of my cruelty.

Before buying such lock, make sure they are not too big for your cage, and that the code is resettable.
Amazon US example: here

Being locked


During our session, you can expect to receive daily-ish messages to tease and discuss… However, as I’m sure you’re aware, this is not a girlfriend experience type of thing. You can talk as much as you want, but I alone choose when and if I want to respond. This is not a chat service.

Additionnally, if you have made the smart choice and selected a “Earn your release” service, you will receive a certain number of tasks to perform during your time locked. Those tasks will be purely private between you and me, and they will always respect the situation and limits that you will have described in our initial contacts. But they are not optional, and in no way can they be skipped/swapped. Once a task is given to you I will expect you to perform it at the very best of your ability, and anything less than that will get you in trouble.

What trouble ?

I know that some of you masochists might be excited about actually getting punished. You should not.

Punishments will be specially crafted for you with the sole intention to make sure that next time, you will remember this and make the choice to be the perfect slave that you should be. They will not be fun or pleasurable.

Photo proofs

All the tasks that I will command you to perform require photo-proof. However, I will never ask you to show your face, all photos could be picturing only the body, or with a mask. This is your choice to send your face or not. Additionally, you can send them in self-destruct mode (but with a timer of at least 10 seconds, so I have time to properly see what I need to see)

Unlocking day

Unless specifically agreed by me, you will not choose your unlocking day. All my services are sold as a (non-committing) time-range rather than a fixed period specifically to keep you always wondering when that sweet release will finally come. And if you’re being a good boy, eventually it will ! When you receive this very special message, our session together is over and you are free to enjoy your unlocked dick just the way you like.