Shoes on your cage

Sessions & prices

All sessions include an initial videocall, and daily-ish tasks (You might not get a task one day, and get two on some other days). Complete your tasks to earn your release !

5-9 days- $60

10-17 days – $130

18-31 days – $260

Wait why are longer period of time more expensive? Shouldn’t it be the other way around ?

Actually, no. Keeping a virtual relation alive is, as I’m sure you’re aware, a difficult endeavor. Keeping you entertained and frustrated for several weeks is much more challenging for me than a shorter period. The price reflects that; and ensures you that you will have a thrilling experience the whole time.

What happens if I want a longer period of time ?

I recently decided to remove my longest offer, as I had the feeling that it was not delivering the perfect service I intend to. There is only so much we can do virtually; and the risk of pushing the session too long is to deprive you of this perfection.

However I know some of you likes the several months chastity, so just for you I’m currently working on a new service during which you will perform a pre-scripted training for 1, 2 or 3 months BEFORE engaging in a “Earn your release” session. That way, you will arrive in front of me with enormously filled balls, and I will make good use of your frustration. Stay tuned !