Shoes on your cage


BASIC Keyholding

5-9 days- $30

10-17 days – $50

18-31 days – $80

Earn your release

5-9 days- $60 (includes 5-7 tasks)

10-17 days – $130 (includes 10-15 tasks)

18-31 days – $260 (includes 15-30 tasks)


Initial videochat (5-10 minutes) – FREE

Additional videochat – 3$ per mn

Specific training (anal, sissification, ….) – to be discussed

My advice ? Choose the “Earn your release” packages !

With regular tasks to prove your devotion to your Mistress, you will feel the true nature of our relationship, and be constantly reminded of the power exchange… and we both know this makes your little dick all horny, don’t we ? All tasks are created specifically for your situation, using your toys and your kinks.
But beware! Fail to execute your tasks to the perfection, and I will take that as a personnal insult. Let’s just say that you don’t want that.

Wait why are longer period of time more expensive? Shouldn’t it be the other way around ?

Actually, no. Keeping a virtual relation alive is, as I’m sure you’re aware, a difficult endeavor. Keeping you entertained and frustrated for several weeks is much more challenging for me than a shorter period. The price reflects that; and ensures you that you will have a thrilling experience the whole time.

What happens if I want a longer period of time ?

I recently decided to remove my longest offer, as I had the feeling that it was not delivering the perfect service I intend to. There is only so much we can do virtually; and the risk of pushing the session too long is to deprive you of this perfection.

However I know some of you likes the several months chastity, so just for you I’m currently working on a new service during which you will perform a pre-scripted training for 1, 2 or 3 months BEFORE engaging in a “Earn your release” session. That way, you will arrive in front of me with enormously filled balls, and I will make good use of your frustration. Stay tuned !