Mistress Samantha, chastity keyholder online

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Chastity keyholder online

Chastity keyholding

Professional chastity, from the incomfort of your home

Have you you ever found yourself with a strong chastity fetish burning you from the inside, but without someone to play it with ? Then you came at the right place.

I am Mistress Samantha, a cruel and sadistic dominatrix who enjoys nothing more than putting boys at her feet, for the sheer pleasure of seeing them beg and suffer, seeing the disbelief in their eyes when they realize that they really, totally lost control, and that their only chance of escape that cage is to obey.

On this platform I offer the chance to all of you to see what chastity tastes like, when your dick is truly in the hands of a sadistic mind. I will provide you with a personnalized, one of a kind experience; what you will learn to know as your very favorite nightmare.

Chastity keyholder online – what does it really mean ?

All sessions start with a video chat (no face needed) where you will be locked under my supervision, with a failproof (but safe) method to make sure you will not escape without my consent. See rules for more.
You can chose different time frames for your session, but only I decide of the day of your release.

Earn your release

You will be given several tasks during your chastity time. Fail to execute them perfectly, and suffer my wrath.


Choose the exact day of your release, discuss in videocall with your Mistress …

Chastity keyholder online – what are the rules ?

Before purchasing any of my offers, fully read and understand the rules. Chastity means commitment, and what I offer is a serious service. I will be your Keyholder, I will be your Mistress. I will not be your online girlfriend.

Click below to discover what will happen to you, how you will get locked, and how you might get released.



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